Distressing with Healthy Food

Stress can inhibit our body to work normally. Stress also can lead to obesity, heart disease to hypertension. Lots of healthy foods around us that can help us are effective in reducing stress. Eat low fat foods and choose rich healthy nutrition foods.

The following is a selection of healthy foods that can help you in reducing stress:

  • Eat turkey meat, because in turkey meat containing sorotonin. Serotonin is containing calming hormone. Add the turkey meat into your sandwiches, soups, salads or snacks
  • Eat oysters, oysters are rich in vitamin B12, you can add the oysters into your soup or spaghetti sauce
  • Eat papaya, papaya is rich in Vitamins A and C, papaya also contain folate. Papaya is good for distressing and papaya is also good for your diet
  • Sunflower seeds, sunflower seeds are rich in Vitamin E and folate, add sunflower seeds into salads, snacks or even your ice cream toppings.

There are some foods you should avoid if you highly in stress, avoid beverages containing caffeine (coffee, tea and soda), and avoid drinks containing alcohol. To reduce the stress that is caused by your daily activities, consume healthy food above and you can consume it daily.

The Healthy Food: Amazing Advocado

The Healthy Food: Amazing Advocado

The Healthy Food: Amazing Advocado, there is many people avoid for eating avocado because they fear will become fat and will cause acne. if you are one of those people who avoid to consume avocado you should think twice, because according to research in the avocado besides it’s tastes good  avocado also contains a lot of good nutrition for our health.

Avocado as healthy food contained:

  • Pantothenic acid, Pantothenic acid is a B vitamin complex, which help to increase the production of glucocorticoids that can relieve stress in the brain and heart, Pantothenic acid can also reduce the risk of depression.
  • Oleic acid, oleic acid can prevent the increase of cortisol (stress hormone that causes fat deposits inside the abdomen). With decreasing the cortisol it also decreasing fat in the abdomen.
    Lutein, Lutein is a carotenoid to protected your eye.
    • Potassium and Magnesium, Potassium and Magnesium both nutrients amazingly increasing the energy for women up to 90% in just over a week only. Potassium convert sugar in the blood into energy.Now there is no more reason for you to be afraid to consume avocado. avocado proven naturally can help you to stay healthy. Start from now consume avocadofor your body’s health. avocado can be served as healthy snack foods, healthy breakfast ideas or healthy foods for lunch. Avocado is also healthy foods for kids.

What is a detoxification used for ?

Healthy Detox: The body detoxification

A “detox” is used to eliminate a wide range of toxins within the body that could potentially cause disease. From recovering drug addicts to people looking for natural weight loss alternatives, detoxification umbrellas everything. The thought of “freeing your body and mind” to most people is a intangible state of being, when in fact that is hardly the case. Imagine yourself dieting without the addiction of overeating. Loosing weight wouldn’t be much of an obstacle at that point, rather a walk in the park right? In addition to removing contaminants from your body, detoxification can also help eliminate addictions created by those contaminants. Methods of the same degree are used to aid alcoholism, nutritional deficiency, metabolism increase and many other health advancements. Research shows doctors agree that the body already has a natural system for cleansing itself, a detox just enhances that system.detoxification

Types of detox diets may include :

Master Cleanse:

This cleanse is said to be the most effective when it comes to targeting the addictions of junk food. For ingredients and directions try googling “master cleanse”.

Raw foodism :

Diet in which one consumes un-cooked, un-processed and often organic foods for most of their diet.

Food Combining:

This diet puts emphasis on the importance of knowing how to combine the right foods, along with correct timing of consumption. The Focus is consuming carbohydrate rich foods such as muffins, cereals, and bagels at separate times. Another rule of thumb is when eating fruits allowing about 25 minutes for digestion to take place before eating anything else. Some “food combining” advocates suggest citrus fruits and carbohydrates should be eaten separately. In order to digest carbohydrates the stomach has to release an enzyme called amylase that can only work in an alkaline environment. After proteins are consumed the stomach releases pepsin, an enzyme for digesting proteins. When pepsin and alkaline meet in the stomach they neutralize each other thus causing the digestive juices to break down mismatched foods at a less efficient rate.

Author: Healthy foods team – Vivimos.

Fruit and Vegetables Juices to Increase Our Immune System

Fruit and Vegetables Juices to Increase Our Immune System

The Healthy Food: Fruit and Vegetables Juices to Increase Our Immune System

Fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants, fruits and vegetables also contain many nutrients and phytochemicals that are essential for the body. Nutrients and antioxidants in fruits and vegetables can improve our immune system. If you do not like eating fruit or vegetables, maybe you can be serving in any other way by drinking fruit or vegetable juice.

Fruit or vegetables juice that can increase endurance, among others:

  • Fruit or vegetables that contain beta-carotene such as carrots or cantaloupe
  • Fruit rich in Vitamin C such as blackcurrant or kiwi this food also good as healthy snack foods
  • Fruit or vegetables that contain lots of lycopene, such as watermelon or tomato
  • Brassica vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, brussel spraout
  • Garlic, onions this healthy food have good nutrition in dealing with influenza, colds and coughs

As The Healthy Food, Fruits and vegetables proved to enhance our immune system by eating fruit and vegetables above you can improve your immune system so that you are not susceptible to disease those food also good for your healthy diet plans, unless you’re allergic to food above. If you are experiencing serious pain conditions you should contact your family doctor or clinic and the nearest hospital.

Author: biomagazin.bg

Healthy Vitamin tips

Healthy Vitamin tips

In your quest for longevity and health education, you might find yourself stumbling around the net looking for new ways to make healthy alterations to your everyday life. How often do you focus on vitamins and the importance behind this massive industry? In order to grasp the full potential these “miracle pills” have, you must first open up the facts behind them. Here are a few vitamins that you may reference as you go about your day.


As odd as it sounds B12 plays sаuch an enormous roll in our day to day production of living. Between formation of our blood and aiding the normal functions of the brain and nervous system, B12 seems more like a life saver than anything else. It is attached to the metabolism of every cell in your body, mostly affecting DNA synthesis regulation but also energy performance. If you are looking for a more natural way to get your daily dose of B12 the most common foods that contain B12 are fish, meats, chicken, eggs, milk and dairy.

Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is a extremely effective antioxidant. Research shows vitamin C has the capability to prevent and even cure a wide variety of deadly diseases like the common cold and heart disease. It helps with over all wellness and strengthens the immune system to fight off harmful bacteria and other sickness’ floating around. Sources of vitamin C include Oranges, green peppers, broccoli, kiwi fruit, cantaloupe, brussels, sprouts, guava and many other fruits and veggies.

Vitamin A:

As a major part in our vision, vitamin A is not only limited to our eye sight. It is also known for evolving our white blood cells which fight off open wound infections, increases the reaction of antibodies to antigens and also has anti-viral bustle. Vitamin A is found in Liver, carrots, sweet potatoes, kale, spinach and pumpkin.

Vitamin D:

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear vitamin d? If you’re like me you thought of milk and dairy. Yes, milk contains vitamin D, but why is it so important? Well, vitamin D promotes calcium absorption from food in the intestines, thus regulating the levels of calcium in our blood and then re-absorbs itself in our kidneys. Basically it encourages bone growth and bone repair. Research shows that vitamin D may also play a role in decreasing high blood pressure and lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease. Some foods that include vitamin d are: salmon, herring, tuna, cod liver oil and catfish.

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